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Most people can’t say they’ve been doing what they love their whole life, but I’m very lucky that I can. From the time I was just a boy, I was helping my grandfather in his auto repair shop, working on everything from sedans to pickup trucks.

My grandfather was also one of the few mechanics equipped to work on RV’s and would see most of the traffic from not just our local area but all around the state. As he got older I took over more of the work and have over three decades of professional experience repairing, maintaining, remodeling, and servicing recreational vehicles of all kinds. When you’re looking for an expert in all things RV, the buck stops with Bob.

Our services

RV Repairs

The unexpected is bound to happen when it comes to our valuable assets, while we hope you don’t need it, I’m here with the expert knowledge to get you running again.

Remodels / Renovations

When you find the vehicle you want to keep around for a long time, it’s worth putting care into. When we update your RV, it will rival the new ones.

Service & Transport

If you’ve owned an RV for any length of time you understand that pumps, hoses, and everything in between needs regular maintenance. I have the knowledge to repair or replace anything that may need replacing.


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